Tips on Getting a Good Paving Contractor in West Vancouver

If you are a home or business owner, and you have a paving job, it is very important to look for a paving contractor company that will do the work for you. It does not matter how big or small the project is, hiring a qualified contractor is a must. It is important to get someone who knows what they are doing to guarantee the value of your investment. Here are things to consider in getting a good and reliable contractor.

Assess the Job

Make sure you assess the job before looking for a contractor. Some of the important things you need to know include the cost of construction and the amount of time you want the work to take. It is also important to look for a contractor who knows the best gravel suppliers in West Vancouver. During the job assessment, you will measure the area that you want to be paved. Doing this in advance will help you in knowing the scope of the work.

Look for Recommendations

Getting recommendations from people around you who have hired a paving contractor company in the recent past is one of the best ways of finding a professional. Word of mouth from your neighbours, friends and relatives is more reliable than just advertisements in the newspaper.

Internet Search

Search engines like Google and Yahoo will have information on paving contractors and gravel suppliers in West Vancouver that you can hire. Also, many of their past clients will leave comments and reviews about the contractor. Choose contractors who have mostly good remarks and ratings from their past clients.


There are many paving contractors out there, but you need one who will offer you the best service. A contractor who has been doing this job for many years will know many gravel suppliers in West Vancouver and will help you choose the best. Also, an experienced paving contractor company will know all the problems that are faced during paving work. They will help you construct pavement that will last for a long time and even support heavy loads.


Ask the contractor to give you the phone numbers of clients they have served in the past and also any sites where they have ongoing projects. Contact these clients and ask about their experience with the contractor. When you visit ongoing project sites, check if the company is using modern technology.

Cost and Contract Signing

Different paving contractors may have different pricing, so do some research to find a paving contractor company that you can afford. You will find that some contractors are very cheap, but do not hire them, as this may be a sign of substandard services. Finally, ensure that the contractor you choose will be ready to sign a contract that details the cost, amount of time that the work will take, and number of hours the contractor will be working in a day. It is also important to ensure that the contractor you hire provides some sort of warranty. This is important to ensure that the services given are of high quality.