Tips to Practice MCQs for Class 10 Science CBSE Exams


Science explains the universe’s fundamental laws and introduces important concepts essential for the advanced study of Chemistry, Biology, Physics and all other branches of Science. In exams, one of the most significant challenges that Science students face is multiple-choice questions.

Here are the tips for practising MCQs for class 10 Science CBSE exams.

Tips to Practice MCQs for Class 10 Science CBSE Exams

1. Understand the Sections of the Questions

Multiple choice tests have three major components. The first element is the stem, which expresses the question to be answered. The second component is the correct answer, which is the best of the possible answers to the question. The final section, called distractions, contains the last three wrong options. 

2. Read Thoroughly

First, answer the questions about which you are sure. If you’re having trouble answering a question, limit your options before moving on. Multiple-choice questions assess your recall and reasoning abilities and ability to understand correctly and intelligently.

3. Make a Formula Sheet

Solving problems in Science requires you to learn the necessary formulae. While practising chemical reaction and equation MCQ and other chapter MCQs use the formula sheet to answer equation-based questions.

4. Predict the Answer as You Go Through the Question

When you read the question, attempt to answer it before looking at the options provided. This method will be more beneficial if a person excels in answering essays and short response questions. 

5. Eliminate Incorrect Options

Some options are unsuited and should be discarded as you read through them. It would help if you always narrowed down your options when you can’t get the solution.

6. Highlight the Key Part of the Question

You should highlight the most vital details in the question. When you highlight and concentrate on these words, you can recall the answer more quickly than rereading the entire question.

7. Ask for the Previous Year’s Exam and Sample Papers

CBSE provides a massive library of MCQs and maths MCQ questions with comprehensive solutions describing every concept in detail to help you solve more MCQs and become familiar with the pattern.


There are tips and tricks to practice MCQs for class 10 science CBSE exams, but there is no substitute for hard work. So the only way to master it is to practice. There are several online and offline resources where you can find many mock tests, sample papers and previous year’s question papers. So start your preparation today and pass with flying colours.


  • Does the class 10 board exam consist of multiple-choice questions?

Yes, the class 10 board examination will consist of multiple-choice questions for the academic year 2022-23. 

  • Is class 10 Science a complex subject?

Science is a conceptual discipline. Students can easily score high marks if they have solid fundamentals and a clear understanding of ideas. It is determined by how well pupils study and prepare for the exam. Science will become easier for kids with adequate planning and a solid understanding of subjects.

  • How should I study for the multiple-choice exam?

You can access and download the MCQs for all the Science chapters. Solving these MCQs will give you a better grasp of how to answer MCQs in the board exam and help you prepare for the exam and get excellent results.