Top 3 Tips to Revamp Your Wardrobe for the Honeymoon Phase

Although chances are for the first two or three weeks of a new relationship you won’t see the light of day because you’ll be spending 22 out of 24 hours of every day with your latest beau, but the beauty of your honeymoon phase actually extends beyond your time spent together. It seems to transcend everything you’ve ever done (or worn!) before, and pretty soon you’ll wish to please your partner by sporting some new pieces you think he’ll love!

Side note: men in love don’t care what you’re wearing. They think you’re a supreme being sent from up above as they clearly must have saved hundreds of starving orphans in their previous life to deserve you. Still, us girls don’t need much except a little spring in our step, a few hours of free time in the afternoon, and a credit card or two that isn’t maxed out to hit the stores. And what better excuse than to revamp our lingerie collection for the new man?! Regardless or whether you’ve picked your latest boyfriend from a bunch of single cowboys, bankers, travelers, or divorcés, they all love to see sexy clothes on a woman.

#1: Hit VS

Although pricey, VS has one of the best selections out there when it comes to steaming hot lingerie to make his head spin. Our suggestion is not to shop online when you’re trying to impress someone, especially if you’re eyeing those styles you’ve never had before. Go to the actual store, try on a few pieces, and pick one or two to take home. Don’t forget that sexy lingerie can be taken even further by pairing it with accessories, such as fishnet stockings, for instance. This isn’t the time or the place to think ‘versatility’. Just think about what makes you feel the sexiest and go for it!

#2:  A New Pair of Heels will Take You to New Heights

Nothing screams sexy like a pair of new pumps, stilettos or high-heel boots. You’ll feel a surge of new energy and many of your old pieces currently hanging in your closet will be brought back to life if you pair them with the right (new) kind of footwear. You can absolutely put versatility first here, and if you already have nude wedges in your collection, go for a pair of silver or black ones that will go with anything, from nice tight jeans to sundresses or even funky evening numbers. Ensure they’re comfortable because you’ll want to look and feel your best on every date with your new guy.

#3: From Date Night to Weekend Chill

You definitely shouldn’t break the bank just because you’re madly in love (no, seriously). However, if you went and got a new pair of yoga pants (men love those), and a new dress you can wear to dinner, you’ll pretty much revamp your wardrobe just enough so that you feel full of self-confidence in your new clothes, but at the same time it’s not like you’ve gone crazy and spent a fortune on it. You can wear those yoga pants anytime you’re seeing him provided it’s before 6 pm, and a new dress for evening will make you feel feminine, which he’s bound to notice, falling for you even harder than before.