Troubleshooting the impulse sealer problems

Impulsive sealers are great equipment for commercial and industrial spaces. They are one of the effective heat sealing machines available in the market. It helps to seal any item with high current and heat. This equipment comes in many sizes and suits different purposes. The modern sealers come with great feature and technologies. Some time problems may occur when using this sealer. You can easily fix it with the right troubleshooting technique. Let us see the common impulse sealer problems and their solutions.

The main uses of impulse sealer

  • The impulse sealer is mainly used for sealing Polyethylene and Polyurethane materials with mild temperature. The versatile sealers can be used to seal other materials also. They are popular for their multi-layer sealing technology. Also, these sealers are effective to join heavy thermoplastic sheets.
  • The impulse heaters contain two heating elements that are made of sturdy materials. The heating element is mainly made of nichrome alloy and this can be found on the sealing bar. This heating element is resilient under a rubber pad that is completely heat resistant. When you keep a material on the sealer it releases mechanical pressure. The electric sealer heats the nichrome and seals the material. Heat and pressure play a major role in sealing the materials.
  • The impulse sealers are highly safe because they only heat when the heating bars are closed. This means that it is rare to encounter accidents with these sealers. Due to continuous use, the sealer may seem hot but they are not dangerous.
  • The seal wire in the impulse can regulate the temperature. This helps to achieve consistent results every time. Even when the sealer is in use you can control its cooling temperature to avoid accidents.
  • The main advantage of using is sealer is that it uses less energy and electricity. They easily heat up with less current and cool down easily when it is not in use.

The useful solutions for common impulse sealer problems 

If you are facing any issue with your impulse sealer then it is important to check these following parts. Heating element, spring, timer, PTFE cover or adhesive may be the cause for the issue. So, let us see what you need to do to fix these issues.

  • Checking the element 

If you face any sealer issues then first check the element wire. This wire helps to heat up and seal items. When you face any issue take off the PFTE cover and check the wire. If the element wire is bent or broken then there is an underlying problem. You can change the wire to fix the sealer.

  • The material sticking issue 

Sometimes, when sealing heavy materials it may stick to the heating jaw. If you are facing this impulse sealer problem then this can be due to the PFTE cover. The PFTE cover protects the material from sticking to the sealing element. If you face this issue replace the PFTE covers.

  • The clicking issue 

When you push the sealing bar down you need to hear a click sound. This click sound should be heard when both the upper and lower jaws of the sealer come in contact. If the sound is not heard then there is an issue with the sealer. Connect the micro switch to the lever to fix this issue. If the screws are loose on jaws then tight them to fix this issue.

  • The mounting spring issue 

Rusted or old mount spring should be replaced immediately. If there is any rust formation then the spring will conduct heat and damage parts. Therefore replace the spring of it is damaged or rusted.


There are both manual and automatic sealers available in the market. Both these equipment work similarly. You can follow the same troubleshooting solutions for both automatic and manual sealers. Replacing the part is the best option to keep the impulsive sealer in good condition.