What Is UL Certification? A Quick Guide

Are you looking for the best equipment? Consider using products certified by UL. This organization has created more than 1500 safety standards throughout the US and Canada.

But, you may wonder, what is UL certification? What sets it apart from other certification programs and products?

If that’s what you’re wondering, you’re in luck! We’ll explore these questions in the guide below, so read on.

What Is UL Certification?

UL refers to the Underwriters Laboratories. It’s a global safety science leader. Its goal is to make the world a safer place, and the organization has three distinct branches to accomplish this goal.

What does this mission entail? Underwriters Laboratories develops and publishes industry standards that guide a product’s safety, performance, and sustainability.

UL operates in the US and Canada, with partners with other national standards bodies in various countries. There are several types of products that this organization certifies. For example, UL often certifies body armor used by military or police officers. 

UL-certified products include various equipment items for industrial workers, such as goggles and chinstraps, waistband grippers, and elastic drawcords. You can find more examples of these products here.

UL Certification Programs

UL offers several types of certification programs for various products. Each of these have different benefits and focuses.

For example, one of these programs is ATEX Certification for the European Union. This program assists products in clearing EU standards for various products and systems. 

UL offers a certification program in audible and visual signaling devices. This program trains, advises, tests, and inspects these devices to help manufacturers achieve compliant products. This way, these products become market-ready quickly. 

A final example of UL certification programs is the automotive materials testing certification. This program assists manufacturers through the entire product development and automotive supply chain. It also helps companies through the planning and design phases, all the way to the final PPAP. 

Benefits of UL Certification

So, why does it matter whether a product has UL certification? What benefit does this provide to your company?

First, a UL certification guarantees that your purchased products underwent rigorous testing. UL works extensively with manufacturers through their manufacturing process. This work builds the product to the best possible quality. 

Other benefits allow the product to enter several global markets. For example, the ATEX Certification allows products to enter European markets. So, your company can purchase these products and use them regardless of your location.

Find the UL-Certified Products You Need

If you were wondering, “What is UL certification?”, we hope that you found an answer! Certifications from Underwriter Laboratories are an excellent indicator that a certified product is of the best quality. 

So, search for the UL products you need for your industry. You can find these products on several markets and trust that they work. 

Once you find the product, put it to work! Soon, you’ll see improvements in your productivity and efficiency.

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