Why Do You Host Webinars

The “webinar” in French is the contraction of the terms “web” and “seminar”. The webinar is therefore holding an online conference or a seminar on the web. Farewell traveling expenses, setting up the room and all the stewardship that goes with it!

Nowadays, meetings and conferences are digitized at high speed: Internet users from all over the world can now participate in a debate, a meeting or a live training session from their sofas. And icing on the cake, if they are recorded, your event remains online and therefore searchable in replay.

Increasingly used, the “webinar” is a clever mix of dialogue, exchanges and valuable information. For the professionals that you are, this new form of business communication can be a powerful marketing lever and has many benefits for your business. Let’s look at five good reasons why you should get started on webinars and what benefits you can gain from your business and your brand.

  1. Webinar brings visibility to your business

On the web, the video meets with Internet users, more and more success. Thanks to it, the webinar allows you to reach your audience and your ideal clients instantly with its live format. With the webinar, you can communicate directly with your target audience. Submitting an interesting topic to your community and sharing your experience will help you make your business visible, especially if you take the time to promote your brand new webinar. You will finally leave the individual exchanges to address you to the greatest number!

  1. Webinar allows you to create the link with your prospects

You know now, the interest and purpose of the webinar is to interact directly with your customers and allow the participants to react live with the event. Instant messaging, chatting, opening comments: many solutions are put in place to allow you to interact with your audience in real time.

The interaction is more vivid, thanks to the possibility of seeing you and hearing you through the video, live! It allows you to create an immediate link with your audience. Everybody wins.

  1. Holding a webinar demonstrates your expertises

Taking the role of presenter or webinar organizer, you position yourself as a leader and an expert in your field. Because a webinar clearly demonstrates your expertise in public voting. This kind of event is undeniable proof by the voice, your talents, what makes you UNIQUE. The webinar also highlights your skills and know-how in your field of activity to many participants.

  1. Webinar helps you sell your products and services

To increase the visibility of your business, bring the user online and make your products known, I advise you to integrate a call to action to your webinar. Submitting an article, viewing an article, downloading an ebook and more. The webinar is a spotlight on your company and it would be a shame not to promote yourself at your own event! Ideally, you should set aside time for discussion and discussion around your offer of services at the end of the webinar.

  1. Webinar saves you time and money

I do not think I can tell you: organizing a meeting, a conference or a seminar is synonymous with traveling expenses, catering, accommodation and other logistical joys of all kinds. With the introduction of a webinar, stewardship is much more flexible as participants can follow the event directly from their sofas or offices.

Finally, webinar remains searchable over time

The great feature of the webinar has arrived! Please note that you have the option to register your event for later distribution. Once registered, you can publish your event on a video platform, integrate it into your website or provide it on request from a form.

Apart from the fact that your event can be followed by many people on that day, registering it will allow you to reuse this support wisely for your business. Let me explain: you can easily share it on your social networks, for example.