Why Make Space For Team Boosting Activities Within The Work Day

Team boosting activities offer a fun and creative way for staff, and team members, to form strong bonds and positive working relationships. It also offers a great way for team members to get to know one another by highlighting their interests  and get an up close and personal view of how to best communicate with one another.

Often, these activities are offered during breaks, or on company retreats. But what about having team boosting activities within the working day? In this article we will be discussing the option of making time within the working day to hold team boosting activities, and how this can benefit your staff.

Team Boosting Encourages Teamwork 

The strength of your staff relies heavily on how well they are able to work together. If there is a conflict, or animosity within the team, it will often cause a negative impact on the work that needs to be done. Utilising team boosting activities during the workday allows employees to work together in a more relaxed setting. This is a great way to help staff  both ease and address any issues that may be occurring within the team in a more friendly and laid back environment. 

Team Boosting Contributes To A Positive Work Environment

With change in the workplace is becoming a common occurrence, it’s important that employers recognise the type of stress that these changes can have on an employee. Creating a positive work environment via team boosting activities gives employees an outlet to unwind. Reserving a time for team boosting activities within the workday one or more times a week not only offers an emotional (and in some cases physical) break from their daily tasks, it also gives employees something to look forward to. 

This can relieve the everyday stress and monotony than some employees experience in high stress positions, which in turn will create a more positive work environment. In fact, numerous studies have revealed that positive work environments encourage increased productivity among staff, while also decreasing resistance to change. If your employees are subjected to regular change within their roles, your management may benefit from change management courses to gain the knowledge, and tools, needed to help staff members cope with change in their jobs.

Team Boosting Activity ideas

Team boosting activities don’t have to be an all-day occurrence . In fact, employees can benefit from even 20-30 minutes of team boosting activities in a day. Today, many employers have opted to hold team boosting activities at the start of a shift, or after lunch, to give employees a positivity boost before beginning their daily tasks.

There are a number of options that can be used for team boosting activities, and they don’t have to be strictly work related. These can include:


  • Puzzle Solving – This offers a fun and easy way for employees to strengthen their problem-solving skills
  • Compliment Circle– This involves employees sitting together in a circle and sharing what they like or respect about one another
  • Brainstorming Sessions – This offers employees a relaxed environment to share ideas and improve on current workplace practices
  • Board Games – This allows employees to enjoy some fun and stimulating downtime together


Making time for team boosting activities during the day has become common practice for many industry leading companies. If you’re feeling like your staff is experiencing a rut in productivity, it may be as a result of low morale, or poor communication. Offering team boosting activities during the workday may combat these issues, and help to encourage enhanced productivity within your workforce. Employers can also benefit from enrolling in a facilitation skills workshop to improve organisation and leadership roles within staff.