1.74 High Index Glasses, Whom They Are Meant For, and the Benefits

If you have been given a strong prescription then you need to consider buying the 1.74 high index glasses. As the flattest, thinnest, and the most appealing leans, the 1.74 lenses are 50% thinner than most lenses hence capable of offering the ultimate in cosmetics and technology. Since they are much more flattering, they are able to reduce the distortion. As compared to other lenses, high index lenses have a flatter curve that allows them to have reduced lens profile.

Who they are meant for

  • Those who are conscious about the thickness of their lenses.
  • Those who have +/- 2 or stronger prescriptions.
  • People who use contact lenses.

Benefits of using 1.74 high index glasses

Due to the advances in optics, those who are suffering from bad visions can avoid thick and bulky glasses. Some of their benefits include

They are thin and lightweight- Because in the past, lenses used to be bulky and heavy, this is perhaps one of the best benefits of high index lenses. While providing the same amount of correction, these lenses are basically thin. The advanced glass and plastic material that they are made of are able to bend for more light and are. Nowadays, you can wear these glasses without even anyone knowing that you are suffering from a bad vision.

They can work as sunglasses- Wearing high prescription glasses meant placing sunglasses over them when going out into the sun. This means the bulk and thick prescription glasses would even be thicker. The good thing is that with 1.74 high index lenses you can easily have them coated with tinted UV protection so as to act as sunglasses.

More frame options- With these high index lenses, you have a variety of frames to choose from. This means you don’t have to wear bulky frames that you are not comfortable with. The advancement of optics allows those who are having a bad vision to look good and also wear what they are comfortable with.

Due to the advancement in technology and the coming of 1.74 high index glasses, those who have vision problems can move around in the sun, wear what they are comfortable with, and look good.