11th Hour is undoubtedly the best web series on aha

Over the past few years, the scenery of the entertainment industry has shifted a great deal. They have continuously experimented with things to harbour great rewards out of it. Whether it be the concepts or the storylines, the industry has shown its new facet through these. Fans have been waiting for these changes. With fans demanding a fresh set of stories, the industry has delivered. Indian Entertainment industry has gone on to become one of the best all over the world. Its influence has continued to increase over the last few years. The individual identity helps the film industry cements its place in the world. The regional movie industries have helped to build on that identity.

The main factor behind this growth and success is the advent of digital media. With the rise of technology, it was evident that the industries will continue to grow. With people getting accustomed to different technologies, it was a well-thought move by the entertainment industry. They gradually transitioned to online services as well. The rise of several Streaming platforms has helped the movie industry to expand its business. Though these platforms have existed for several years, it wasn’t until last year that the OTT streaming platforms experienced a surge in popularity and viewership. These platforms overcame the pandemic, as people found a way out of their current miserable states. On top of these, several new OTT platforms came onto the scene. One of them was the Aha OTT service. This service came as a new concept as it specialised in streaming-only Telugu content. From classic blockbusters to new movies, you can find your favourite Telugu movies in this one place. Not only did Ahapresent its viewers with blockbuster movies, but also some memorable web series. Some of the web series that got released on the streaming platform have attracted a lot of viewers. One of the web series that got released recently on aha was 11th Hour.

11th Hour

Praveen Sattaru is the director of this Crime-Thriller series. The series stars Tamannaah in the lead and AdithArun, Vamsi Krishna, SrikanthIyengar, AnirudhBAlaji in supporting roles. The cinematography has been done splendidly by Mukesh G. The story has been based on the book 8 Hours, written by UpendraNamburi. The series consists of 8 episodes, with each being 19-34 minutes long. It got streamed on Aha on April 8 2021. The film shows the fight of a woman to prove her mettle in a male-dominated society.

The film starts with Aratika Reddy(Tamannaah) becoming the CEO of her father’s company after getting extremely sick. In a bid to prove her non-approving father wrong, she invests in AHNR(Advanced Hybrid Nuclear Reactor) to provide clean energy. But the company gets accused of a scam. Now she has to pay Rs.10000Cr to the Imperial Bank by 8 in the morning to save the company. This series showcases her trouble as she crosses various hurdles filled with uncertainty. Subscribe to the AhaOTT service and watch the 11th Hour web series. You can stream more exciting Indian web series on the platform.