5 Easy Ways to Renovate the Kitchen Backsplash

Kitchen backsplash, the place behind the stove or sometimes behind the sink,is not a vital area in a kitchen. However, it remains just in front of your eyes whenever you are cooking food or doing dishes. Bringing any change to it can affect the ambiance of the entire place – either in a good or bad way. The area is an ideal canvas for playing with textures, patterns, and colors but the outcome could be disastrous if you don’t play it right. Let’s find out the ways to renovate your kitchen backsplash without tearing it out and without risking to make the place messier and look for reliable interior designers like Space Factor.

Add a Coat of Paint

A backsplash is not a wall. So, many of you are probably wondering what’s the trick of applying paint on it. Well, backsplashes are made of glass, tiles, porcelain, limestone, mosaics, wood, and other materials and different styles of the coating are there for these elements. There are distinct methods for painting glass materials, tiles, or varnishing wooden panels.

Stick to satin, matte or high-gloss styles because they have little chance to go wrong with most of the décor and color schemes.

Warm up with Wood Panels

Wood panel wainscoting is a nice way to boost charm and channel a cottage or vintage farmhouse style into your kitchen. Make the place cozy by installing wood paneling on the backsplash. You have to cut the long strips of wood into your required sizes and then attach them to the place with liquid nails. Finally, finish the work by inserting a few finishing nails around the perimeter.

You can also add some paint to make the look pop. Buttercream, mint green, muted teal, and dark gray will be excellent choices. However, crisp white will be great too if you are a fan of the classic cottage style look. Remember to stain the wood to protect the paneling from splashing and cooking wear and tear.

Go for a Photographic Mural

Does it sound exotic? Well, it absolutely is! Nowadays, many companies provide the service of transforming any photograph in a wallpaper mural. Applying such a mural into your backsplash will give the kitchen a personal as well as stunning look. Besides, it will give the freedom to create a low-key or a highly colorful impact, just as you want. However, remember to use a water resistant material as the wallpaper because the place is prone to splashes.

Add a Throwback Style with Tin Tiles

Tin was very expensive in the last days. The use of tin in the home décor was a sign of wealth and luxury. Although the introduction of faux tin sheets has reduced the expenses by a considerable margin, they still look stylish in contemporary homes.

Faux-pressed tin tiles on the backsplash will add an elegant silver touch to the walls while their detailed design and finish will bring a throwback touch. Just remember to use them in moderation so that the place actually works as a focal point rather than being overwhelming and ties in nicely with the stainless steel appliances.

Create a Modern Look with Mirrored Tiles

Most of the modern spaces make use of some common items – reflective glass, stones, and cool metals. So, if your kitchen follows the contemporary trends, give it an upgrade with the shine of a mirrored backsplash! You will have mirrored tiles in adhesive sheets that you can easily apply over the current surface of the backsplash. You can buy tiny scale of tiles to add sophistication or larger slabs for a more minimalist look.

The backsplash covers a small area in the kitchen but renovating it can significantly change the overall look of the entire place. These ideas will save your hassle as you don’t need to use a chisel, do any major renovation work, or contacting a professional. However, the outcome will still be impressive just like a full-scale renovation.