5 Important Things You Should Know About Motorcycle Gear

Have you just purchased a new motorcycle? It is time to equip your body with protective gear as riding a two wheeler is highly prone to accidents even if you are the best driver in your area. Many times, accidents are caused because of third party drivers and you have nothing to do with it. Therefore, it is highly advisable to have motorcycle gear of top quality to protect you from any kind of unforeseen accident.

You shouldn’t just blindly buy everything you find without researching. Here are some important things you should know about each motorcycle accessory before you buy them:

  • Helmet: The most important motorcycle gear is the helmet. It protects your head from injury. Head carries the brain making it the most important part of your entire body. Therefore, a helmet is a must and it should not just be to avoid getting penalized. One important thing to note while buying a helmet is to go for a full mask protection instead of half mask protection. Half mask doesn’t protect your chin and face area and it might come off during impact leaving your head exposed too. Therefore, you should go for full mask protection only.
  • Suit: Suit is generally designed in an aerodynamic form, but it shouldn’t just be aerodynamic. It should be able to withstand impact as well. Therefore, the important thing to note here is purchase either kevlar or leather suits as they offer protection as well.
  • Jacket: You might think a bike jacket is just for style and looking cool But these jackets are specifically designed to protect the biker from the road’s rough surface. Most importantly, if you drive at high speeds, it is always advised to have a bike jacket made of leather. It should have looks as well as function; otherwise, it is just a waste of money.
  • Boots: Your feet are closest to the ground and most prone to getting injured. Sturdy boots don’t just protect you from injuries on your feet or ankles, but they also protect you from waterborne diseases. For boots, the important thing would be having comfortable and easy breaking and shifting of gears with the help of boots. If the boots are hindering in the general function of the bike, they aren’t good.
  • Gloves: Another common protective gear are the gloves. The gloves are really important if you don’t want fractured bones in your hands and wrists. Getting fractures in these parts takes days to heal, so having protective gloves is highly important. While buying gloves, you should go for the ones that provide better grip during moist weather conditions and protection from sun burns and sunlight as well. These weather-protective gloves allow smooth bike riding in adverse conditions as well.

Now that you know all the important and required details to look for when buying motorcycle gear in India, go ahead and purchase the best protective gear and flaunt your bike riding skills without the fear of accidents ruining your perfect road trip.