Benefits of Using Glass Sex Toys

You may have heard of glass sex toys before and avoided them at all costs in fear of something going horribly wrong while in use. We are going to put your mind at ease today, and share with you some of the benefits of using glass toys, as well as reveal some of the top glass sex toys on Cirilla’s store for adults.

What are the Benefits of Using Glass Sex Toys?

Believe it or not, glass sex toys hold many benefits that other sex toys don’t. Here are some of the advantages of using glass sex toys:

  • Easier to clean. You can easily clean by simply using soap and water. Most are made from Borosilicate glass or Pyrex, and can be sterilized in the dishwasher or boiling water.

  • Spend less on lube. Glass sex toys are compatible with any lube, but seeing glass is silky smooth and nonporous, you won’t need to use as much lube as you normally do.

  • Environment friendly. Glass is easily recyclable and it has no chemical reactions as it breaks down.

  • Great for temperature play. Glass retains temperature, whether hot or cold, making it great for temperature play. Simply lay it in hot or cold water, and enjoy the ride.

  • Completely safe. Glass toys are made from a strong type of glass called Borosilicate or Pyrex, making them fracture resistant, and safe to use.

Top Glass Sex Toys on Cirilla’s

Here are two of the best selling glass toys on Cirilla’s store for adults:

  • Pure Indulgence 8” Glass Anal Slider. This little shiny device has a natural curve and flared head. If you’re looking to add some excitement and penetrate that hidden spot with mind blowing orgasms, this one’s for you! It’s hypoallergenic, fracture resistant, and includes a luxury satin storage bag.

  • Purple Rose Nubby Glass Dildo. This spiral glass toy is covered with raised nubs to massage you at every angle. These nubs are great for clitoral and G-spot stimulation. It is fracture-resistant and hypoallergenic. You can safely store this sparkly tool in the luxury satin storage bag included.

As we can see, glass sex toys are a lot safer than you think and there is a lot more to them than meets the eye. Don’t forget to play around with temperatures when using your glass toy, it results in pleasure beyond your imagination, as the glass holds both cold and heat. Don’t wait any longer, get over to Cirilla’s store for adults and select your favorite glass toy to add to your sex room collection.