Best Tor Browser Alternatives for Safe Deep Web Browsing

The Tor browser was hands down considered as the best browser for accessing the deep web links or dark web links till 2014. But since then, there have been severe doubts over its security. The NSA was successfully able to hack the Tor project, which owns the Tor browser, in 2014. Since then, the Tor browser has been left at the centre of espionage. There have been a lot of judicial breaches since then and it has left a big doubt in the minds of the users over the efficiency as well as the efficacy of the Tor browser. This is why people are looking for better alternatives. Here, we suggest you the best alternatives to Tor Browser.


This is one of the top alternatives to Tor browser. It’s due to the fact that it comes with OpenNet as well as the Darknet technologies. Besides this, this browser doesn’t have a central server, due to which it is very difficult to hack their system. The data is collected by the site in all its peers and thereafter the uploaded content is delivered to the nodes. Also, the data is encrypted before it is sorted and is further stored in such a way that it becomes impregnable to the access of hackers and trackers.


The I2P stands for the Invisible Internet Project which also thrives on the use of the DarkNet technology. The main highlight of this browser is that it encrypts all the data over it in a layer styled manner. Moreover, it uses public and private keys in order to encrypt its network traffic. To describe it in the best way, we can call it as an internet within the internet. This is exactly why this browser is an ideal hoard for network traffic ad well as personal data and hence is a great alternative to Tor.

iPredia OS

If you are a Linux user, then it is very much possible that most of the browsers made to access the deep web will not work for you. But you do not need to worry as you can then use the iPredia OS which is a Linux based OS.. The iPredia OS comes with programmed encryption services in order to give a better protection to its users from the attack of hackers as well as trackers. This protection is provided by encrypting all the network traffic available.


Unlike most other browsers, Globus is a paid browser which can access the deep web. But the money you pay is worth the use. The advanced features which Globus provides to the users are unmatched and makes sure that the users as well as the data is perennially safe. To try out the Globus browser before you buy it, you can have the trial version for free for 5 days. The features of the Tor browser include providing the users with premium anonymity as well as online security. Besides this, the Globus browser makes use of its own VPN network to ensure that the internet traffic gets redirected.

The End Note

So, these are some of the safest alternatives to the Tor browser that will help you browse the deep web anonymously without revealing your identity. Also, if you are looking for best server you should opt for