Corporate Entertainment Ideas

A corporate event in a novel, refreshing, and inspirational setting like Addington Halls and Gardens can be a chance to get the team together outside the office for celebration and recognition. However, no matter how important or positive the purpose of the gathering, it’s easy to imagine why members of the team might not look forward to it.

Even in a more informal setting, people can have trouble relaxing or having fun with colleagues they’re used to treating more professionally. Liven up your events with some of the examples of corporate entertainment shown below.

Share a giggle

Laughter can be one of the greatest breakers of barriers, so long as everyone is in on the joke. A good understanding of your team and a shared sense of humour is important when inviting a comedian to offer a private performance. Nothing can set the tone of an evening better than a successful comedy act, however, helping people get into that sense of humour and be more open to sharing their own jokes, anecdotes, and wit.

Capture the moment

Initially popularised at weddings and trade shows, customisable photo booths are finding their way into corporate events, too. Hiring a photographer with a series of props allows members of the team to express themselves and show their somewhat less professional side with all kinds of fun selfies, videos, and gifs that make for perfect sharing material throughout the office and on social media. A picturesque setting like Adlington Hall & Gardens allows for much more aesthetically appealing results, as well.

Inviting Lady Luck

Corporate casino events are a classic. Using chips to award prizes at the end of the night instead of real cash keeps the stakes light and the fun flowing. However, a little competition between team members and the chance for someone to beat their own superior can add a little fire to the night, making things engaging and ripe with opportunities for good-natured teasing. Many event planners have full casino kits ready to fit into your venue of choice, bringing all the sophistication and glamour of a high-roller’s suite in Vegas to your corporate event.

Make a game out of it

People have been coming together over games for generations, competing and cooperating to stand victorious at the end. Nowadays, technology means the attractions are getting even more immersive. Motion control games can encourage the team to engage more physically, getting the blood pumping, while hiring virtual reality sets and operators can transport them to a whole new world. If your team’s tastes are more retro, you can even hire a plethora of arcade machines to recreate the game centres of their youth. These entertainment packages are perfect for those younger and more tech-savvy teams.

Helping your team feel at ease can make it a lot easier for them to get into the real spirit of the event itself. Whether it’s an award ceremony, a team away day, or a conference, help them lighten up with the right setting and the right entertainment.