Download M4V Files on Your Mac Device

The M4V is a format of video container which is developed by Apple and is similar to MP4. The difference is that DRM copy protection can be used optionally in M4V files. iTunes Store of Apple uses M4K encodes. If you aren’t authorized to use iTunes on your computer you cannot use M4V files. This is called as FairPlay protection. In QuckTime, M4V video using FairPlay DRM are called as AVC0 Media.

Leaving iTunes and QuickTime, there are other media players too which can play M4V files. They can be played with Media Player Classic, RealPlayer, Zoom Player, K-Multimedia Player, MPlayer, VLC media player, DivX Plus Player and Nero Showtime. In Palm Pre and Palm Pixi smartphones formats without DRM can be playd in webOS Video Player. On Macintosh, Handbrake and Air Video Server uses it as default video converter format.

If you can change its extension from .m4v to .mp4, other video players will also recognize and play it. In PlayStation 3, M4V files produced by Handbrake can be played with support of full Dolby Digital 5.1 surround. Or you can directly download M4V on Mac.

How to download M4V on Mac

Might be you are tired of using so many third party software, some will charge you much more than what they deliver and some won’t even work half of what promise they made before selling. It might also be that you are tired of using your browser as somewhere around the halfway of downloading the file the internet fails or slows down and your download stops and restarts again downloading from the beginning.

To download M4V on Mac the best way is to use Folx if you are searching for a reliable download app. Folx, app to download M4V on Mac lets you download large files like M4V and when internet connection disrupts and then comes back, the file will start downloading from where it stopped not from the beginning of the file.