DUI Evaluations – Defining the term, and how can they affect your sentence?

DUI full form is Driving Under the Influence. Generally, it is the charge to prosecute an individual if he or she is found driving, operating, or handling any locomotive under the influence of alcohol or any other drugs. This charge is the most inimical act that can completely change your life, as the imprint of such charges will be considered a stain on your lifetime records. The consequences of such charges can be seen first in the termination of the job; next, the chance of getting another job alleviated. However, nowadays, every other state has adopted a strict policy and norms for the violation of DUI. This makes you understand the importance of DUI assessment. Further, it makes you curious to know more about how DUI or alcohol evaluations work and how they can affect your sentence.

What do you mean by DUI evaluation?

Mainly a DUI evaluation is a medical consultation method to evaluate your current and past habits by answering some of the questions. The process is conducted for a duration of more than 90 minutes, and you will be examined by a substance abuse professional. Even if you are giving a drug and alcohol assessment online test, you still have to give some answers in writing. The substance abuse professional will also ask you some relevant questions related to previous habits and conditioning and how the practices have affected your personal and professional life. Further, a test is also conducted to test your mental health screening. This test is conducted to determine if any health conditions are driving you under the influence of substance abuse.

After accumulating all the necessary details, the examiner will start the review process. Your blood alcohol content will be examined, and the evaluator will conduct a review of your previous DUIs cases. You have to wait for a few days to get the results. However, if the examiner concludes that you have a substance abuse problem, then you can attempt another DUI, or you have to seek treatment for the same.

How does DUI affect your sentence?

Generally, it is observed that evaluation is performed after the offender is done with the sentencing. However, even the offender can get a court-ordered alcohol evaluation test amid the sentence for the evaluation. Further, you can also complete your evaluation process as a condition of probation regarding the proper acceptance of the rules. If the evaluation process is performed prior to the sentence, it will dovetail the judge’s decision, considering the duration of your sentence. It can also help you by sending you to the treatment center instead of prison, which works in your favor.

However, if the court decides to send you to the treatment center, it will be helpful for you to work on your recovery. Not only this, but it can also help you deal with the habits so that you can legally drive again. Besides this, if you are searching for a professional examiner for the drug treatment evaluation, you can contact This firm has experience of the past two decades in dealing with alcohol evaluation tests. Their process involved factual, quick, confidential, unbiased, and trustworthy.