Essential Factors to Look For While Writing a Descriptive Essay

A descriptive essay is a form of academic writing. It is a detailed explanation about a person, thing, situation or a notion. It is written such that a clear picture of the topic can be framed in the reader’s mind. It focuses on any one event and that event is explained in an elaborate manner.

Descriptive essay holds a lot of importance in academics and non-academic life of a person. It develops imaginative power in a person. You can be asked to write a descriptive essay on any topic in your school, college or office life.

An essay should be professional, free from grammatical errors and interesting. Writing such essay can be difficult and time consuming. For this, you can take help from various online websites like It is a company that will provide you with excellent descriptive essays, which are highly professional and authentic.

Here are certain steps that you must follow while writing an essay:

  1. Plan your essay

Planning your descriptive essay involves three simple steps. First, decide the topic on which you want to write an essay. Second, identify the reason of writing an essay. And third, elaborate the qualities that you want to describe in your essay. Once you have decided all the three steps, you are almost ready to kick start your essay. These steps will help you give a structure to the description that you are planning to write.

  1. Draft you essay

It is important to create an outline of the essay so that you develop your description of the essay in an interesting manner. It gives you knowledge of the details that you should give in your essay which will connect it with the audience. It helps you to add colorful adjectives to your essay so that the essence of the essay is emotionally realized by the person reading it.

Your essay should have five paragraphs. The first paragraph should be the introductory paragraph in which you will introduce your topic to the audience. It must be very attractive and impressive. Next paragraph should have a thesis statement. Other two paragraphs must be written to prove that statement. Conclusion paragraph should focus on your own feelings that provoked you to write on the topic.

  1. Revise your essay

Once you have completed the description of the essay, you must revise it again so that you can correct any errors in the essay. Also, it gives you another chance to add something which you may have forgotten in the first go. You can delete unnecessary information, if you feel it is not adding good flavor to the essay. In the end, check the structuring of your essay and also see whether or not your essay has followed the same theme from starting till the end.


Descriptive essays are the best way to showcase your emotion to the audience. If you follow these steps, your descriptive essay will look more impressive, relatable and pragmatic.