Essential Preparations For The Big Game

As a sports fan, I love nothing more than getting the boys around to watch the big game, whatever it is, whenever it takes place. Throughout the years I have really tailored my sports watching experience so that me and the guys can have the best possible time, and enjoy the game in the best possible way. My group of friends generally alternate where we watch sports between my place and the home of my buddy Peter Howe Michigan resident and high Pistonsfan, and we usually compete to see who can host the best. If you have the guys coming over to watch some sports, here is how to make sure it goes off in style.



One of the biggest measures of your ability to host sports night is how strong your snack game is and it is important that you do not take this lightly. Don’t go overboard with your snacks and try to turn it into an upper class evening party, the boys will want a good selection of crisps, maybe some hot dogs or subs to go with it. Keep it simple and whatever you do, make sure that you don’t run out.



The same rules apply to drinks as with snacks, keep it as simple as possible and don’t overcomplicate your drink options. For me, I choose beer and soda, and nothing else. Don’t forget about those that are not drinking! Make sure that the drinks are easy to get too and if you are even considering shots or long drinks, you need to forget about it.

Set Up

Make sure that you know exactly who is coming to the big game and ensure that you have enough space and seats available for them. Nobody wants to stand up and watch the game or squeeze on to the corner of the couch.


If you are going to invite people around to you house to watch the big game, you will need to make sure that you have a top quality television to do the job. Equally you should make sure that you have the best sports subscription possible so that you can watch whatever sport happens to be on, as well as gaining access to the HD option, the only way to watch sport.


Don’t just rely on the TV speakers to pump the commentary around the house, you should also think about adding some additional speakers to give the best experience.


I only have a few rules which my guests need to stick to when they come to my home to watch the sporting action. The first is no phones unless it is half time, few things bug me more than people staring at their mobile whilst the game is on. The second rule is that all guests must bring drinks or snacks and the final rule is no fighting in the house, a rule which is not always observed.

Get these things together and you are ready to host your buddies for the big game.