Family Walking Trip –Encourage Your Toddler to Walk and Have Quality Time Together

If you are blessed with a toddler and want to give her a lot of quality time, a family walking trip to a nearby park or even woods is a great idea.

Walking is a great exercise for everyone because it’s a free and low-impact exercise which the entire family can do.

Especially for babies and toddlers walking in parks or woods is a great experience because they get a lot of fresh air and feel energetic, and they can see and run around and explore so many things.

Australia has a rich network of roads, ample destinations for outdoor adventures and an environment that can make your child feel delighted and excited with a sense of independence and adventure.

It’s true that you can buy many amazing toys for your toddler from Tiny Tiny Shop Shop or at any reputable toy store near you; but having a day out with him is something you should definitely do to ensure his overall development.

Making Walking Fun for Your Toddler

You might have noticed that your toddler gets bored quickly and unless you give her a proper encouragement, she easily loses interest in what she is doing.

Don’t worry. As a parent, you are not alone. It’s the characteristic of all young children.

Naturally, she may lose interest in walking too and may want you to walk carrying her. But with certain tricks, you may increase her interest in walking. Here are a few:

  • Talk with her about the exciting destination you are about to reach soon such as a park, woods, playground, a pond or a beach and create an interest in her by telling her what she would get to do there, like collecting flowers or shells, catching fish, playing a lot of games, building sand castles and so on.
  • Choose a route where she can see a lot of interesting objects, instead of a long, straight and dreary one where there is nothing much to see around, though it’s the shorter one.
  • If your child is of the age to handle a camera and capture photos, give her a camera and ask her to take snaps of your travel.
  • If one or more of your child’s friend can come with you, take them along so that your child will never get bored having her friends with her for a much longer time than they are usually.
  • If kids are tired, do take a break at a beautiful spot and give them healthy snacks and drinks to get refueled.
  • Tell them exciting stories or play the roles of characters in their favourite stories while walking towards the destination. You can even dress like the characters to make things more exciting.

Don’t Forget a Pushchair

Although the aim of your trip is to make your baby walk and you can make the walk interesting for him with the above tricks or even with one of the amazing baby walking toys from Tiny Tiny Shop Shop, at some point you’ll have to carry him because he’d be tired quickly.

So don’t forget to bring a pushchair with you if you will be going for a long walk with your toddler.

Pushchairs are great for short local walks since they let kids hop out and walk whenever they feel like and get in again if they feel tired.

You can even get double buggies wherein two kids can sit side by side or one behind the other. Another great idea is to connect a buggy board at the back of the pushchair on which the older sibling can stand and ride.

Thus, if you were wondering how to encourage your toddler to walk, try this fantastic idea and you and your baby will have an unforgettable time together.