You have finally decided to sign up for an Online Pilot training program. That’s great! Now, you will need an online Coach/Instructor to guide you through the flight courses on offer. Oftentimes, newbies to pilot training schools don’t know the way to achieve their flying ambitions. This is time to pause and seek the experience of those who have been where you are going. Experienced flight instructors – on the field and online will be glad to share with their students the things that work and those that don’t. That’s part of their job. There’s however, one thing you must understand, and it is this. Your choice of the instructor has a strong bearing on the success or otherwise of your training. It is therefore binding on the student to select the online Coach with whom he/she feels relaxed throughout the learning process. Remember, learning gets to be more fun and impactful in a relaxed ambiance – and that’s what you want.

NOTHING BUT THE BEST: So how do you get this beast? There isn’t one overarching answer to this all-important question. Still, a few tips could go a long way to helping you pick a dependable trainer for your Online Pilot Training course. Visit flight schools – as many as you can. Talk to flight coaches about their training programs – ask questions, listen. Compare outcomes – and reach a decision. Now that’s one side to the coin. The other side? Getting the best from your flight training also demands personal responsibility. There are times when the problem isn’t from your flight instructor, but from you. You know the old yardsticks for succeeding in any venture – including learning. But now you are beginning to get overconfident. You are beginning to lose interest. A lackadaisical attitude to your course work is becoming apparent. Under such circumstances, not even the best coach can help you get the best from your course unless you are willing to change.

COOPERATION IS KEY: Yeah, it’s two-way traffic –give and take between the Coach and the Coach. A healthy rapport, mutual respect, tolerance, open-mindedness, and an enthusiasm to learn – are key factors in maintaining healthy human relationships of any type. Basically speaking, your experience with your Online Pilot Training Instructor turns out to be what you both make of it. By working agreeably as a pair to reach the ultimate goal of the training, both trainer and trainee can establish lasting friendships that continue long after the training is over.