Great Ways To Ensure That You Stay On Track With Your Diet

Up until the beginning of last year, I had spent around 10 years going through the latest fad diets trying to start healthkwcks and ultimately trying to get my body in shape, to no avail. With my 40th birthday coming up, I decided to take action and really put all of my focus into losing weight, and getting the body that I had always dreamed of. I began the process with a head start and went to my local clinic Sono Bello for some laser liposuction. Once I had this treatment, I was fully commuted to my diet and here is how I managed to stay on track and get the body that I wanted.

Caring is Sharing

I was lucky enough to have two friends who were also looking to lose weight and get their body in shape at the same time as myself and we created a small power group of support. I loved having people who could relate to what I was going through and whenever I didn’t want to go to the gym or I couldn’t resist the urge to eat something that I shouldn’t, my friends were on hand to pull me through. There is also a certain pressure when you have a buddy system and you don’t want to let them down, if you have friends who are also trying to lose weight, buddy up and achieve it together.

Preparation is Key

The most important aspect of my diet was in the preparation and I found that the best way to avoid cheating on my diet, was to ensure that I always had healthy food on hand. I used to plan every meal on a Saturday night for the following week, head out on a Sunday to do my shopping and then spend Sunday afternoon preparing my food, snacks and meals for the week. Investing this time not only helps you to stay on track with your diet but it forces you to constantly think about the food which your are eating and you can make smarter choices.


I often see people celebrating things like losing 20 pounds or some other large goal and whilst this should absolutely be the case, I much prefer to give myself small milestones to achieve. One of the best ways that I was able to continue my weight loss program, was to constantly be inspired and motivated and one of the best ways to get this was to be able to achieve things in a short space of time before moving on to the next goal.

Small Clothes

My final hack to stay on my diet was to buy myself some clothes that were a couple of sizes too small and use them as motivation to get in shape. Whenever I felt like cheating on my diet, I would look at my new clothes and instantly realize that if I wanted to fit into them, cheating was not the way to do it.