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Do you know that your brain is in sync with the person next to you when you are watching the same movie? The two people watching the same scene experience the same kind of emotions and empathy towards the characters and their actions. Scientists have worked over the subject of how our brain responds to movies and have discovered some pretty vital things about the human brain like the regions of brain activation at a highly emotional scene.

Scientists have discovered that the regions that control empathy activate during these scenes and different scenes give rise to different kinds of empathy. The two kinds of empathy which are experienced by the people are mental empathy and embodied empathy. The former kind requires a person to step outside his self and think through the other person’s thoughts while the latter is transitory like the feeling when you get when another person gets punched in the stomach.

On a whole, we can say that Movies affect the brain functioning and can be used as a powerful means to manipulate thoughts. This is the reason why only some kind of popular movies makes an impact. These films that are based strongly on emotional concepts can change the way a person thinks and theoretically can rewire the brain.

Manipulation of thoughts at a subconscious level seems like a highly immoral thing to do. But isn’t that all we experience since our birth? We are taught how to think in school, in religious places and offices. That’s what all the stories do. Every book, every moral short story, every short film or a short film, everything affects our thoughts at a subconscious level. In a way, our thoughts are being manipulated without us even knowing.

The effect of this, of course, depends on the individual’s thinking and the way he processes information. Rational people analyze them rationally and Irrational people irrationally. Positive individuals take a positive outcome and negative people come up with a negative outcome irrespective of the genre of the film.

So, manipulation of thoughts in a way is a good thing since it brings out the best and worst in people and Movies do just that. Bollywood films like Masaan, Qissa, Margarita with a Straw etc., fall into this category. While we think the movies haven’t made much, this kind of movies which dig deeper into the emotional sector of the brain, make people think about life in a different perspective.

Not just the award films, films like KabhiAlvida Na Kehna, Lunchbox, Hindi Medium also fall into this category. You can find many of these films on several Hindi Movie online hosting websites which in many cases are illegal to watch from various countries. Find some of the best legal ones to watch and let your brain rewire.