How SAFe Agile can change the work flow of a company

IT industry is going at a differential pace from the last decade. New tools and upgrades are popping up every month and year. Applying the updates in your company can make many changes. However, make it a point that all the updates are not meant for all companies. Just for example, if you are using smart phone, you will be intimated for all the app updates. If you are running low on memory or RAM space, it is better to avoid some updates. Your device will remain well-functioned while you avoid the updates.

Similarly, in case of firms too, it is not necessary that all the updates will be helping in their growth. SAFe also has to be used in some areas only. When you go through the Leading Safe Training, this details will be very much important for you. Note down when a company will be benefited for its use and when not. You will understand the coming changes in the corporate scenario.

Use it in big team

SAFe works best when a company is having a centralized control. Most of the large companies do not own a centralized control, for its size and structure. On the other end small companies and mid sized companies do use centralized control as a whole. A company can own different scrum teams and its number can reach till 20. While the number goes to such level, then also SAFe can be deployed, but in that case there must be a single product line for using it.

Implementation can make a big change

While SAFe will be implemented, that will create a big push in the company. SAFe is a dynamic tool and that makes the organizational functions also dynamic too. The culture of the organization, morale of the employees and everything will find an increased pace with it. In a big firm, if working in a single product line, it will make a big difference to everything. However, when that is implemented in a small company, changes can be felt, but getting accustomed to it will not be a big issue.

Big Batch essential

SAFe works in big batches. If you are having a smaller team of scrum, then try not to use SAFe there. The team size must at least be 20, so that SAFe can actually be implemented for action. In fact, there are so many sub-issues in SAFe that you cannot control that in a better and effective way, while using a small team for yourself. However, if you are planning to use it for connecting customers and other users, then its a really bad choice. You can go ahead with this tool for internal access – it will boost up the entire function. On the other end, if you are implementing the same for customer end functions – it will put you down.

Now it is clear to you, why to use SAFe, where to use it and where not to. While you are going for the Leading Safe Certification in Houston now, it will be very much easy for you now.