How to Choose an Asphalt Paving Contractor in Regina

Asphalt paving in Regina requires a professional touch. The quality of the contractor you choose will determine how strong your pavement will be. A professional contractor knows the right amount of sand and gravel required, as well as many other technical aspects. There are many contractors offering asphalt paving out there, but all you require is someone who will make your pavement last a long time before it cracks. Here are some things that you need to consider when choosing an asphalt paving contractor:

Ask for Recommendations

Many of your friends, relatives and close colleagues might have hired an asphalt contractor in the recent past. Ask them about their experience with the contractor they engaged. Listen carefully to people’s experiences to know who among the contractors they mention is good enough for your project.

Internet Search

There are many websites that will give you information about different paving contractors in your area. Most customers will leave online reviews and ratings on contractors they hired. Make a list of contractors who have good ratings and many positive reviews from past clients. Avoid those with many negative reviews, as this might be an indication of poor quality services.


After making a list of contractors who you feel are good for you, contact them. Ask them how many years they have been in this business. A contractor who has many years of field practice is the best person to hire for your paving project. Such a contractor is aware of most problems associated with asphalt paving in Regina. These contractors also know how much sand and gravel are needed to make your pavement strong.


After knowing how experienced a contractor is, ask them to provide you with a list of their past clients. An honest and professional contractor will not hesitate to give you this information. Ask these clients about their experience with the contractor. You can also visit sites where the contractor has ongoing projects to see the kind of work to expect if you hire them.


There are many fraudsters out there pretending to be genuine contractors, so ask for a license as proof that a potential contractor is in this business legitimately. Ensure that the license presented to you is genuine. In case you have doubts, contact the relevant authorities for confirmation. You can also ask if the contractor in question has any client complaints or disciplinary actions on file.


The cost of asphalt paving varies from one contractor to another. It is important to compare cost across several contractors and hire one that you can afford. Some contractors out there are ridiculously cheap, and they should be avoided, as this could be an indication of poor quality services or lack of experience.

Sign a Written Contract

Finally, make sure that the contractor you hire for asphalt paving in Regina agrees to sign a contract. The contract should contain cost of construction and the period that the project will take. This is very important in case the contractor fails to complete the project within the agreed time. So, make sure to keep all of the above-mentioned tips in mind if you want to be able to find the best asphalt paving contractor.