How To Turn A Good Outfit Into A Great Outfit

The difference between a good outfit and a great outfit is not limited to just one thing. It can be

  • The cut of the fabric
  • The stitching of the fabric
  • The shoes you wear
  • The accessories you add
  • The fitting of the outfit

We are often not satisfied with an outfit simply because it doesn’t feel right. But when your wardrobe is overflowing with fashion accessories and clothes that don’t feel right, what should you do? The answer is simple! You create the outfits with the right accessories. Do not forget to donate clothes that you aren’t going to wear anymore.

Let us start with the basics. You are more than likely to have shopped for earrings, bracelets, necklaces and bangles online. Bring out your entire haul and divide it into these categories:

  • Stuff you are never going to wear
  • Stuff you always wear
  • Stuff you wear to parties
  • Stuff you love but you never wear

How can you turn a good outfit into a great outfit? By accessorizing.

Dark Colored Clothes

Pair all your flashy jewelry with your dark colored clothes. A golden necklace with a red dress will look over the top. But a maroon dress paired with one of your shiny fashion accessories is a great outfit. Black and gold or navy blue and silver are other interesting combinations as well.

Whites And Pastels

White and pastel clothes surprisingly look great with pastel colored jewelry. Your favorite white top can go from boring to interesting when you add a baby pink necklace. Bring on the pastel pink flats and you have the perfect office outfit in front of you. You can also mix pastel shades, such as a light pink dress with a pastel blue purse.

Prints And Designs

Prints and designs can be the hardest to accessorize. You do not want to look over the top and yet, you want to turn it into a great outfit. Matching prints on prints is a delicate art. If you own multicolored necklaces, pairing them with such clothes will only elevate your outfit. Geometric designs can be paired with bright colored accessories, such as neon pink shoes or a lime green bag. Laying out your clothes on the bed really helps if you are trying to pick the right combination of outfit and accessories.

How you clean your garments will decide to what extent it remains looking comparable to the day you originally wore it. The following is a straightforward guide on How to wash LuLaRoe garments.

At the end of the day, the way you carry yourself decides whether it is a good outfit or a great outfit.