Infrastructure Overview of Modern Data Centres

Still wondering what it takes to build highly efficient data centres? How energy can be conserved and data can be securely saved? Constructing a data centre is a very complex process, even if you are in the active planning process. You need to be thoroughly equipped with a wide range of equipment, storage options and network, cooling and security hardware solutions and so much more. But how to create the right one without any extensive trial and error and set it up all perfectly? In this article, you will get to know all the details about how to expand or open a new data centre.

Building and physical security

When choosing a space for the data centre, there are certain considerations to make like the weather patterns and security issues in that area. It is the best to avoid flood plains as the services can be disrupted at any instance of storm or flood. This can jeopardise your hard-to-replace equipment and essential IT services might not be available. Other considerations might be fire, tornado, earthquakes or hurricanes. The infrastructure should be able to withstand all the local and specific natural or man-made adversities. You need a building that will be able to cope up with power disruptions, service interruptions or damages to the equipment.

Operations and management

The infrastructure of modern data centres is extremely complex. There are many interrelated parts and systems present and each one of them needs to be monitored individually to ensure that the others do not malfunction. The data centres must be designed for real-time updates so that any issue can be resolved there on without any delay. Also, one needs to set up the management systems to convey information on HVAC, power levels, backup power systems, voltage, RFID hardware tracking and hardware performance. These must be attended to 24/7 by the employees.


You need to analyse multiple factors before finalizing the servers. Check the availability of the space present in the data centre and the supplemental equipment which every server needs with them to be compatible. Also, check the installation process and how to uninstall them when the time comes. Proper planning is required at every step to keep things in sync and working.

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