Is a Gaming Chair Worth the Money?

Did you know that about 65 percent of adults play videos games? Of those people, some play casually, while others are more than likely serious gamers who spend hours on the grind.

No matter what type of gaming you do, though, there is no doubt that your body takes a toll after an hour of sitting in place. That is why gaming chairs have risen to the level of stardom they are at today.

You have countless options when it comes to adding a chair to your gaming cave. But why are gaming chairs so expensive?

And are gaming chairs worth it? If you want to know the answer to these questions, keep reading our informative guide. 

Gaming Chairs Keep Your Body From Aching

So, why are gaming chairs so popular? There are several different reasons. The first of which is because they keep your body from experiencing aches and pains.

You see, the gaming chair is not your everyday office chair. Sure, you could opt for something from Office Depot or even your local furniture store. But the fact of the matter is that your body will feel the stress from sitting in something that does not provide back and neck support.

Even if you game for short periods, you are still sitting in front of a TV or computer screen, in one position, that entire time. And, if you game for hours, your lower ad upper back, plus your neck, will feel the strain.

Gaming chair companies optimize their chairs to provide top-of-the-line lumbar and neck support. They often come with pillows to position in the back that help your posture.

That is critical because gamers often suffer from extreme eye strain. Once our eyes tire out, it affects the rest of the muscles in our skull and neck, which can often lead to severe migraines and pains.

This happens when we crane our necks, even slightly, upward or downward. Since our heads weigh about eight to ten pounds, that small motion causes our necks and eyes to work overtime.

A gaming chair solves that problem because its design keeps us sitting at a 90-degree angle to help our posture stay perfect. Other chairs on the market do not follow this same design and are often uncomfortable. 

Gaming Chairs Are Durable

Next up, we have durability. Gaming chairs often come with a steel framework in their internal design. While it is true that cheap gaming chairs do not have this feature, it may not work out for the best.

The reason why you want a sturdy frame inside of your chair is that gaming becomes intense. That is especially true if you game online with friends playing FPS games or some other campaigns.

Gamers develop a habit of not staying still during crazy parts of the game, like when you defeat a boss or play online with friends. An everyday chair that people use in an office will not keep up with those intense movements. They might even break underneath you.

The same goes for cheaper gaming chairs. Yes, they still have a sturdier framework than others, but the quality still isn’t there. Therefore, people pay extra for a chair that won’t go crashing down.

Plus, the other materials manufacturers use for the outer appearance won’t tarnish. For instance, most gaming chairs are made with leather. That means they won’t rip and don’t stain as quickly as other chairs with faux leather or soft materials.  

Gaming Chairs Have a Sleek Design

The design for gaming chairs is just as appealing as the durability. When you see a chair meant for gaming, it sticks out from the bunch.

That is because designs like the racer or a top-tier executive chair adhere to the gamer aesthetic. There are countless designs you can choose from that range from basic to flamboyant. Not to mention that you can find gaming chairs in every color under the sun. 

Gaming Chairs Are Adjustable

Adjustability is a critical element that factors into the price of gaming chairs. While office seating is semi-adjustable, manufacturers make their chairs so that you can customize every component.

Not only can you move it up and down, but many chairs lay back or sit up at a 90-degree angle. You can even adjust the armrests to find that sweet spot, so your forearms and wrists don’t start to ache. 

Smart Branding

At the end of the day, the price of gaming chairs skyrockets because these companies know how to brand. They have a grasp on their target market and adhere to those needs.

Many gamers enjoy aesthetics. So, they deck out their rooms or gaming caves with everything from string lights to neon signs. While some think gaming chairs are overrated, the sleek-looking design is often a cherry on top, and the companies know it.

Therefore, they show off chairs that stick to every gaming design possible. So, if you want to stick to a black and white look, you can.

Or, you can even go with a kawaii theme and find a pink racer chair complete with bunny ears and cottontails. The only caveat here is the branding on these chairs often drives up the price. 

More Answers on Why Are Gaming Chairs So Expensive? 

 As you can tell, several features add to the price of gaming chairs. You have to consider the durability, back support, and leather exterior that keeps them looking and feeling smooth.

Did this article help answer the question, Why are gaming chairs so expensive? We hope we could be of some assistance and that our post lets you choose the perfect chair to keep you gaming for hours on end. If you enjoyed this article and want more gaming tips, we invite you to read the rest of our blog today!