Make Your Social Media Feed Better

In today’s times, before you make a personal impression on someone, your social profile makes it for you. It is more possible that people may look you up on Instagram to get to know you better. However, not everyone can afford professional cameras. But, you can use a few improvements in your phone camera. There are numerous picture editor applications to beautify and make your photos look better. Usual simple photo editor applications include the following main features:

  1. Face recognition
  2. Beautify feature
  3. Red-eye Correction
  4. Brightening Feature
  5. Optimal Lighting


Better picture, effortlessly

You can get picture perfect with a simple photo editor. Uploading perfect photos is easier than ever. You can even remove skin blemishes, pimples, and freckles with a simple click of a button. Some of the picture editors also have artificial intelligence software built in them wherein it shall edit the given photo. You just have to put in your requirements. The photo editor will do the entire job for you. The artificial intelligence software also avoids over edit. It tries to make the photo look as natural as the original. You also have the option of removing the photo editor watermark from the photo if you like some photo editors remove the watermark with a subscription fee but the others do it for free. Some other noteworthy features of the simple photo editor are as follows:

  • Exposure compensation
  • Tint Perfection
  • Picture Smoothening
  • Blemish Removal
  • Photo Filters

How is it different?

What makes simple photo editor different from other applications is that it occupies a negligible disk size. It only occupies 10 megabytes of your phone memory. Unlike other heavy memory applications, it doesn’t make your phone ram overheated. It is simple, effective and easy, much like its name.