Make Work Fun when your Colleagues become your Roommates in Pune

The stage is set – you have found the perfect PG in Wakad Pune , it is close to work and one of your colleagues who think is pretty cool, has decided to split the rent. It is going to be a lot of fun and very convenient – as long as you understand the specific dynamics involved.

When you are living with a co-worker, you are sharing two different worlds with him or her. There is the professional side of you, the one that the office sees – slightly more formal and disciplined – and then there is you at home in pyjamas – casual, with a beer in one hand and a remote in the other. The last bit may seem a little exaggerated of course, but you get the drift. The same way, you will see both sides of your colleague/roommate.

You are Saving on Transport

The main advantage is that you and your roommate will share very similar routines and timings. You will save thousands of rupees on office transit if this arrangement goes on for a bit. Whether you are using public transport or your own, costs will be split and more importantly, there are no obligations. Both of you need to get to the same place and in most cases, at the same time.

Help Each Other Out

There are times when you have to bring some of your duties home. Asking your roommate for a bit of work-related advice is something you should not do all the time – but it is always good to have that option. Of course, reach out only when you need to. The reverse works too. You would love to help out in an emergency but will probably not look forward to playing mentor every day.

Keeping the Space

There are certain things you should avoid doing though – keep the work talk away from the living room. Office politics never ends – it is at the end of the day, just a jumble of perspectives. When you bring work issues home, you are slowly turning the home into an extension of your workplace – minus the productivity.

If you are staying with co-workers, you will be seeing each other’s faces a lot. So it is always great to maintain other circles and activities where you do not have to spend time with each other. Familiarity can breed contempt so you do not want to take your chances.

When at Work, Work

When you are in the office space you will not only bump into your roommate but a whole new set of people. There are certain topics that stay in the office, the same way the personal stuff stays at home. Do not take the home issues to the cubicle. Say a cheery and cheesy hello to your roommate maybe, do not yell out that you have run out of milk across the hall.

Having a colleague as a roommate can start a friendship that will last a lifetime. It also allows you to find accommodation that fulfils everyone’s criteria since everyone will be travelling to the same location every day. Finding a flat for rent in Pune can be done without brokerage. Look for a 1BHK for rent in Pune which is close to transport hubs. Nestaway helps you find accommodation which does not compromise your home choices and lets you enjoy the cultural treasure that is the city of Pune.