Making the Case for Great Savings

It’s a fact: In the United States, most babies are born in the months of July and August.  Also a fact: You can expect to spend a lot on your baby once it’s born.  Little known fact: Groupon offers great deals on everything you need for baby and mother alike.

Case in point: LOFT, one of the best stores on the planet for the latest maternity looks you’ll love, at prices you’ll love even more.  

As the long summer days bring on the sunshine and the rain, Moms in the final weeks of their pregnancy begin the nesting phase and feel an overwhelming urge to clean, organize and rearrange things around the “nest” or home.   Many feel the weight of the baby increase as it takes on as much as two pounds of fat in preparation for life outside the womb. Some women get a little melancholy to see the last weeks of this life affirming experience come to an end, others just want it to be over as quickly as possible.  

However she may feel, the gift of a new maternity outfit is appropriate at this stage.  For women who’ve been on bed rest early in their pregnancy, a new frock can lift the spirits.  She’ll appreciates that thought that went into selecting a well-made pair of jeans and will wear them into the last days.  Shopping at LOFT offers lots of choices in new maternity wear that would be ideal at a time like this.  They have stylish maternity tops, tanks and tees to help her feel her best because they are designed with her comfort in mind.

Groupon offers great deals of up to 40% off your purchases , and you’ll find more deals and special promo codes that unlock additional savings when you shop LOFT through Groupon.  There’s so much to celebrate during the month of July.  Don’t leave Mom out of the action.  If she’s up to taking in a concert, checking out the new museum exhibits but doesn’t want to spend a lot of money on clothes she’ll pack away soon, show her how much she can save by shopping at LOFT.  

Case closed.