Prevention Against Silverfish Infestation in Austin Homes

Unlike fleas, mosquitoes, or termites, silverfish don’t cause any harm to the Austin residents or their lovable pets, but they are the last thing that one would want inside their house. This is because they have the potential to destroy the property by breeding rapidly and attracting several other pests inside the house, including earwigs, house centipedes, spiders, and many more. The first thing that should be done as soon as one sees a silverfish in their residence is to contact pest control in Austin, TX, immediately.

How to Recognise Silverfish Infestation?

Silverfish, also referred to as bristletails, possess three bristle-like tails or appendages. This acts as a suitable identifier for them. They can also be easily pinpointed in the metallic appearance of the body, which is wingless and shimmering light brown in color. If one comes across one or two silverfish, it can be assumed that the resident is infested.

What Attracts Silverfish Inside an Austine Residence?

Silverfish are especially fond of dark, damp, and warm places. Therefore any quiet places will offer them a suitable hiding place. This might include the back of closets, inside the storage boxes, or behind a large pile of loose and unused paper or fabric materials. 

Apart from the fact that they can find their way inside a house through various exteriors such as windows, doors, cracks, and crevices, they can also be carried in by humans through something where they have previously found their home.

Prevention Against the Infestation of Silverfish:

Store Things in a Proper Manner:

Use tight containers with perfectly fitted lids to store any fabric, books, or loose pieces of paper. Avoid the use of cardboard boxes as they might serve as a breeding ground for the silverfish. Place all the necessary documents inside metal or plastic containers and ensure no open space for insects to enter.

Cover Any Crawl Spaces:

If a residence entertains the inclusion of any crawl spaces, the silverfish will find it easy to inhabit. This can be prevented by covering the entire floor of the crawl space with plastic sheeting. Also, one needs to seal any cracks and holes present in the exterior or interior of the house.

Final Thoughts:

If natural remedies such as Japanese Cedar oils or cedar shavings don’t work, it would be wise to contact a pest control company as soon as possible and make the living space safe and hygienic with the help of well-trained and professional exterminators.