Printed Wooden NFC Cards

Smart Business Cards may be the perfect solution if a small firm is looking for a way to increase sales, boost marketing, and cement their company’s reputation as a leader in a niche market. These cards are highly versatile and efficient for almost any purpose. This custom smart card printingis printable on one or both sides and saddle stitched or perfected bound. Hence, it is ideal to utilize in trade shows, as drop-ins, or even as promotional materials.

It is crucial to consider all the following factors to guarantee the effectiveness of its advantages:

  1. Design
  2. Printer type
  3. Printing technology to print custom smart cards

Furthermore, they should also align their priorities. Thisprecedencewill be an entrepreneur’s determinant in using a conventional ID card or reverse transfer printer. But if they are looking for a fast, efficient, and cost-effective solution, consider using a dye-sublimation printer. It produces accurate color reproduction, a fantastic depth of color, and durable cards.

Despite a conventional card printer cannot produce edge-to-edge prints, a reverse transfer printer can. A flexible film coat is thermally bonded to the card material during printing. The film coat adds durability to the card while also being scratch-resistant. This technology is designed to provide a high level of security against fraud.

Another consideration is the business card’s size. Businesspeople should opt for a larger printer if they plan to print many cards. This will enable them to print more cards at once. However, longer delivery times are unavoidable. Additionally, their production costs may increase if they publishmany cards.

Printed wooden NFC cards may need to work with a professional to ensure the artwork is correct. This is because the embedded microprocessor on a smart card can change its content and add or delete data. Individuals should ceaselessly submit proof before submitting their final order to avoid mistakes.

They should also be careful to include font types and sizes in the brand’s design. One must guaranteeto test their artwork on a test card before printing several of them. Many variables can affect the card’s quality, including the following modifications:

  1. The card’s thickness 
  2. The artwork’s size
  3. The card’s surface smoothness 
  4. The exterior’s foreign material 

These are the conveniences of printed wooden NFC cards. Nevertheless, the NFC tag is the newest digitalized identification portfolio numerous enterprises utilize that has become effective in optimizing their business. Continue reading the infographic below developed by NFC Tagify to learn more:

What is NFC Tag, and How Does It Work?