Rapid Changes for online gaming

Over the last decade, online gaming has become increasingly present in people’s day to day lives, children are brought up on using mobiles and tablets from an early age rather than toys and books. This causes the younger generations to think of online gaming as a normal, everyday part of life. 

The Coronavirus pandemic took over the world in early 2020 with the whole of Great Britain in a National lockdown from March 16th, 2020 with a lot of people still off work and still isolating in their homes a year later. Due to the lack of socialisation, many have taken to using online gaming as a way of virtually meeting up with friends. The social shift has meant that online games have had to advance to ensure they can keep up with the new demands in society. 

The lack of work has also put more pressure on online casinos and games where there are monetary prizes. People that are not in work and bored at home are more likely to gamble online. A study in July 2020 has found that almost half of the UK population gamble at least once a month online. The online gaming world has had to keep up with those demands, and constantly offer unmissable incentives and prizes that people cannot and do not want to miss. There are many sites available here for example, that have also seen this surge in the numbers of players.

The rise in Facebook lives has meant that people are also able to win money from the comfort of their usual social media platforms via online gaming, in an attempt to get that special casino buzz from home.  Gaming consoles rivalry has forced brands to advance their technology to be the better console. This has resulted in a rise in virtual reality. Virtual reality has allowed gamers to become fully immersed in their gaming world and almost lose the concept of the physical world around them. This causes people to be more invested in their games and lose the sense of gaming and reality. It creates more of a release from reality for gamers, which people often crave after a tough day at work.

On-demand gaming has caused a huge spike in the online gaming world. Players are able to play almost any game possible with just the click of a button rather than having to go to a shop and buy it or download the game. This is particularly relevant for the online casino world.