Watch Movies Online Pros And Cons

Things that are man-made have flaws and shortcomings no matter how good they may seem because we ourselves have our own flaws. Even though nothing is perfect, we decide on something based on our preference or needs and wants. We make decisions depending on what weighs more between the benefits and repercussions. Of course, we want the product with more benefits so that we can get our money’s worth.

Even in deciding where to watch movies, we need to make a list so that you can see which method is the best for your situation. But, for this article, we will talk about the pros and cons of watching movies online.

What’s Hot And What’s Not

First, we will talk about the benefits. One of the biggest benefits that online streaming provides is the accessibility. Since thousands of movies are available in a single website, you can easily navigate on them to check which one is good to watch. Also, since you are the one who is going to decide when to browse the movie, then it is also up to you when you are going to watch it. No need to drive on different rental stores to find the hard copy.

Another benefit is that usually, uploaded movies are in high-resolution and allows guests to watch them for free. Unlike pirated CDs that is very bad quality and you need to pay for your copy or rent, movies online are better.

Then, we will now look at the repercussions. As the name suggests, it is online. Meaning, if you don’t have internet, you won’t be able to watch anything. The same thing goes if there has been a power interruption. The modem is run by electricity. So, even if your computer is fully charged, your movie wouldn’t load because there is no internet.

Another thing regarding the internet is that if it is slow and unstable because it would make your video lag or buffer. This is annoying, especially if you are watching an action movie because it will be a total cliff-hanger or atmosphere-killer when the movie suddenly stops.

Finally, when the website is suddenly down for maintenance, you can’t do anything about it because sites do need to be repaired or upgraded once in a while. You have to wait for it to be active again and it can take a few hours or even days if the changes made is huge.