What Are The Advantages Of Baking With High protein Flour?

We do not like to demonize carbohydrates or promote extreme diets. We are simply supporters of eating healthy. Unfortunately, the nutritional values ​​of the classic products based on white wheat flour do not usually have a place in a fitness diet. By replacing part of the normal flour with good quality high protein flour, you substitute carbohydrates and, therefore, increase protein intake. A greater contribution of proteins is convenient especially in the phases of muscle building and definition, to achieve your goals and give your body a help.

Bake Healthy

More proteins, fewer carbohydrates should be the mantra.  High protein flour is the solution to your dilemma when it comes to making roti: “Rich or healthy?” These flours have combined stable protein with calcium to achieve ideal nutritional values ​​for a fitness diet, a pure flavor, and an optimal baking. It does not matter if the recipe is sweet or salty: the baking high protein flour turns the dough into a fitness food.

A Pleasure For Your Physical Shape.

Roti, brownies, and pancakes are delicious, but are not recommended for your fitness? And why not? With the right kind of high protein flour you can replace up to half of the high carb wheat flour that is usually used. The result is as rich as ever, but also gives your muscles the protein they need. And if you’re interested: you also save yourselffrom those fattening carbohydrates. 

Will Baking High Protein Flour Alter The Consistency Of My Dough?

The high protein flour has many benefits compared normal flour, so the dough will be a little more compact than the standard recipes. You will also notice it in the already baked product. If the dough is too compact, you can add 10-20% more liquid.

Why Should You Use High Protein Flour To Bake?

Because this is a healthier option. It is especially recommended if you are trying to build up muscle or trying to lose fat. You will also feel less food cravings after eating food made from flour with high protein content.