What You Need to Know About Cremation Services

If you would like to have your final remains handled, cremation in Sumner, Washington, is the best option. One of the things that makes cremation popular is the high cost of in-ground burial. Additionally, most cultures and religions accept cremation, and society is less tied to a specific place. 

Cremation in Sumner, Washington: How many options do you have?

A popular misconception about cremation is that you can’t have a traditional funeral when you opt for cremation in Sumner, Washington. This could not be further from the truth. You have a lot of memorialization options when you choose cremation. Here are some of the ways you can honor your loved one.  

  • Hold a traditional funeral with viewing and cremation later
  • Hold a funeral with no viewing and cremation alter
  • Have a memorial service at the funeral home and then hold an interment of the ashes
  • Hold a memorial service at an outdoor venue
  • Scatter the remains at the location with meaning to the departed

With numerous options, time management is important. That’s especially true because the cost of cremation in Sumner, Washington, is determined by the type of service you choose. For instance, if you want to include body viewing, you’ll need to emblaze the body. You might also need a casket.  

When you opt for cremation, you can choose the kind of service you want. Nevertheless, if your family members do not know what you want, they might make a decision that doesn’t favor your preference. So, preplanning will help you make the perfect decision for yourself and relieve the burden on your family members when that time comes.  

How to determine if cremation in Sumner, Washington is right for you

You can only decide if the cremation service is right for you once you decide how you want your body handled. Your decision will depend on financial considerations. However, you should also consider the practices of your culture and religion. Consider your options and the following aspects when making such a hard decision.


What your religion says about cremation

For most people, their faith’s tenants will influence their decision. The position of different denominations and sects differ, where some religions are against cremation in Sumner, Washington, and others prefer the process. However, other religions allow people to decide. If you’re trying to choose cremation and you have issues with your religion’s stance on the process, consult your spiritual advisor, priest, or pastor. 

Is cost an issue?

Cremation in Sumner, Washington, is less costly than in-ground burial. However, you should factor in all the expenses associated with the kind of memorial ceremony or funeral you would like when comparing the cost, and prices will differ based on the provider. So, it’s important to shop around. Note that the service provider you choose will play a more significant role in defining the overall cost of the cremation services. 

Final word 

If you are looking for the best cremation services, you can rely on Sumner Voiles Funeral Chapel. The company offers numerous options to celebrate the lives of loved ones. You can have a traditional funeral service before a cremation or a memorial ceremony after the cremation.