What’s the plan? Picking the right broadband for Mumbai

As a resident of one of the fastest cities in the world, you must have the best broadband plan that matches your lifestyle and work profile. Airtel has the choicest pick of plans for you.

Mumbai certainly lives up to its moniker of ‘The city that never sleeps’. It is one of the fastest, most exciting cities in the world, where it is usual to see people rushing about from one task to another with no time for idle chitchat. Though it has a large population and seemingly chaotic systems, there is a method to the madness that is Mumbai.

Apart from the local train network, what keeps Mumbai connected is a robust mobile data and broadband Internet network. And when it comes to the best broadband plans in Mumbai, it’s Airtel all the way.

What’s so great about Airtel Mumbai?

Time is money in Mumbai, and every moment is precious. People are busy with their work and social lives, and there is not a moment to waste in terms of being disconnected from the rest of the city. The mobile phone is a veritable lifeline for the city, connecting people to their family, friends and places of work. You can see several people working on the go as well, using their tabs and phones.

The city is also one of the biggest birthplaces for a variety of businesses, whether home-based or otherwise. They rely heavily on robust Internet connections to help them carry out a variety of work-related tasks. Only the best broadband plans can ensure maximum productivity.

There are myriad options for broadband plans in Mumbai: broadband by the cable TV provider, or mobile hotspots, or wired broadband connections. But not all of them are able to tick all the boxes in terms of price points, network coverage, data speeds and overall utility.

Only Airtel has the best broadband plans on offer. There are multiple options for rentals and features:

* 1 month: There are 5 plans, from Rs 649 (unlimited data and 8 Mbps speeds) to Rs 2199 (1200 GB data and 300 Mbps speeds). Three of these plans have bonus data rollover option, while four of them get a free one-year Amazon Prime subscription.

* 6 months: These plans offer savings up to 15% on the overall package. You can book a 6-month plan from five options, ranging from Rs 593 per month (unlimited data and 8 Mbps speeds) to Rs 1868 per month (1200 GB and up to 300 Mbps speeds). There is also a bonus data and unused data rollover option per month on four of the five plans.

* 12 months: These plans offer savings of up to 20% on the entire package. When you book a 12-month plan from among five options, you get the best broadband plan starting at Rs 559 per month rental (unlimited data and 8 Mbps speeds) and ending at Rs 1759 per month (1200 GB and up to 300 Mbps speeds).

Have you bought the Airtel broadband for Mumbai yet?