Whatsapp – Best Messenger App For Smartphones

The Whatsapp is one of the popular messenger apps and the peoples are used to share the photos, files, messages, audio, video and much more. Today this messenger app has more than seven hundred million users in all over the world. It is one of the powerful apps to keep touch with your friends, relatives, and others. This messenger app is very simple to use and one you installed this app on your device. It will automatically import the contact from your smartphone, and it shows how many members from your contact using this messenger app. The end to end encryption is one of the main advantages of the Whatsapp and it makes your messages, communication and data highly secured. The user can send the unlimited conversion daily to your friends and others. The cost of sending messages and calling is cheap when compared to the regular text or calling.

The latest update Whatsapp includes some tools to customize the videos, images, camera upgrades. It helps the user to rake the quality photos and the new tools are also available on the android and iOS. This messenger app has introduced the web version and it gives the user will read and send the messages directly from the web browsers. This messenger app is used in the smartphone or tablet with the SIM card, phone number, and the internet connection. Nowadays most of the peoples are using this messenger app frequently and the user can transfer the dates, contacts, photos one device to another device easily.

Create Whatsapp group

The user can easily create the group in this messenger app and you can easily share all information, photos, files and others in the group. You can send more than two hundred messages at the same time, and anyone in the group can able to change the group icons, name, Whatapp status and others.

Whatsapp calling

This messenger app gives the freedom for charting by just you needs the internet connection on your device. Recently this messenger app offers the free voice calling and it is cost free to use. The user can use both the voice call and video call in this messenger app. you can send the messages and make the call anywhere in the world.

Advantages of using Whatsapp

This messenger app is completely free to use and this app does not have any advertisement on the screen. The end to end encryption secured your messages, calls, and photos, files only you and that person can able to read and listen that communication. Nobody in between can able to read that message and the privacy setting allows any Whatsapp user to see your profile, last seen the status and others. If the internet connection is slow, this messenger app cannot send the messages quickly and also cannot able to make a call in the Whatsapp. If the internet connect is fast, it will send your messages within the fraction of seconds, and you can also easily share the  PDFs, spreadsheet, document, slideshows and other up to the hundred MB.