Who needs Rhinoplasty? And how it changed my appearance and improved my confidence?


Although my nose is small and beautiful, I didn’t really like it because I wanted it to look like my mom’s nose. My mom has a small nose, with a high tip, and it is very symmetric to her facial features.

What I didn’t like about my nose is its shape in pictures, especially when it is taken from the right or left side. So I wanted to undergo a rhinoplasty in dubai, in order to get the shape I want. My mom told me that I don’t need to do surgery, my nose looks fine, but I insisted.

So I searched for a very experienced plastic surgeon in Dubai to perform the surgery, and I found Novomed Centers on Instagram. I checked their page and saw a lot of before and after pictures of patients who did the rhinoplasty, and the results were amazing.

I called them the next day and booked my appointment with the plastic surgeon to ask him for more information about rhinoplasty. The doctor was very friendly, he was listening carefully during the consultation, and he answered all my questions and concerns. He even corrected some misconceptions about the surgery, which made me feel comfortable while talking to him.

I asked him if I am a good candidate for the surgery, and he explained to me that he needs me to do some medical tests in order to be sure that I am healthy to undergo the surgery without any complications.

So I did the exams, and send him the results, he checked them and he ensured me that everything is ok, so we scheduled a date for the surgery, and I was very excited to do it.

On the day of the surgery, my mom accompanied me and waited for me till the surgery was done, and I was taken to my room. During the surgery, I didn’t feel any pain or discomfort, because the surgeon applied general anesthesia. After the surgery, the doctor visited me in my room and told me that the surgery went well, and now I have to rest for like 2 weeks before going back to work.

He prescribed me some medications to reduce pain and prevent inflammation, and also provided me with the needed instructions to guarantee a safe recovery after the rhinoplasty surgery.

Now, after 6 months of rhinoplasty, I can notice the new shape and size of my nose, but the doctor told me that this result is not final, and after 6 months my nose will look much better.

I am very happy with the result, and can’t wait to see the final one!