Why Are Corporate Gifts Important?

Business cultures value gift-giving. The purpose of gift-giving is the same whether you’re trying to thank long-term clientele, promote your brand, or recognize a fantastic employee.

Corporate presents promote both established and new firm activities. This help preserves and strengthens cooperation. Every company has to employ the greatest promotional tactics to gain more clients and market share. Recognizing existing workers and new consumers helps reach the target demographic and generate referrals and leads.

Corporate Gifting

Corporate gifting ideas is the act of producing a touchpoint with workers, clients, or prospects by employing a gift, whether it’s a tangible thing like swag, an edible treat, personalized gear, or a non-physical gift like an eGift card or an event (such as airfare or concert tickets).

Corporate Gifts Are Important

Receiving a gift is a powerful experience that may develop strong relationships with people or businesses. Companies and marketers have long used gifting to develop business ties with existing and prospective consumers and express thanks for their patronage. As part of your marketing or employee retention efforts, gifting may boost ROI and satisfaction.

Corporate Gifting Psychology

Business gift effectiveness is highly correlated with the recipient’s psychological reaction. You’ve seen this if you’ve ever gotten a surprise or treat (in person or by mail). According to studies on corporate gifting outcomes, a personal touch with a gift leads to the Endowment effect—a sense of ownership over an asset that increases its value. It affects trust and reciprocity. This influence may be seen in marketing and corporate gifts. If you have always wanted to get gifts at low prices, check out corporate gifts suppliers such as Funbiz in Singapore where you can choose from a variety of presents for gifting.


Companies must also consider employees and suppliers. Excellent customer service often starts at home. 57% of respondents said getting letters makes them feel more worthwhile. This statistic refers to direct mail gifts, however, branded corporate gifts may also work for your employees.

Personal Events include a new family member, a personal milestone, the completion of a diploma or degree program, or other personal successes.

Special Recognition: When an employee saved the day or went above and above to help a corporate goal or colleague.

Gift-Giving Stats

Corporate giving is beneficial for several reasons, including direct mail’s regular and concentrated attention, favorable influence on gift recipients, and psychological and emotional responses. Five gifting statistics:

  • 81% read or scan their mail daily. Nobody tosses out mail without first reading it.
  • 75% of people skim direct mail, presumably because of the emotional response to personalized correspondence.
  • 79% of customers choose mail over internet shopping. It’s there, waiting.
  • 38% of respondents feel differently about the sender based on the email’s appearance. Physical mail may convey a brand’s values instinctively and deeply.
  • Direct mail increases sales performance by 27% and acquisition by 40% compared to non-mail efforts.

Physical contact generates the Endowment effect, which makes people value an object more.

Why Gift Clients?

A “drip campaign” is a marketing gifting approach in which corporations stay in touch with consumers by email or letter to promote future business. Continuous touch offers benefits. The same goes for corporate giving. Here are four reasons why you should send business gifts to clients regularly.

Gifts Bridge Geographical Divides

You may provide gifts to clients in various nations.

Personalization boosts brand awareness If you love your brand, show customers it stands for relationships, care, and extra effort. Many corporate gifting services provide customized branding, so your company’s logo may accompany the gift.

Remember the drip campaign? Your gift unlocks communication channels. The customer will react, allowing you to discuss business concerns and solutions.

Gifting sets you apart – Giving may help you become your customer’s favorite company. People appreciate doing business with friends. Sending a gift might help your organization become a valued partner.