Why Are Sellers Migrating From Amazon MWS API To Amazon SP API?

Everyone who functions as a certified seller or vendor on a popular online marketplace like Amazon needs to embrace the latest trends. Doing so is of paramount importance to stand out and generate more revenue in a marketplace that’s becoming increasingly competitive. Most sellers who have not yet integrated the Amazon SP API tool are experiencing MWS complexities while accessing data.

It is high time for every seller or business with an MWS API to migrate to the new Amazon Selling Partner API. The Marketplace Web Service of Amazon won’t remain functional from the following year. Business websites or apps with legacy integration have to execute the migration sooner rather than later. 

The REST-based API ensures improved data privacy and security level than MWS APIs. Every Amazon seller or vendor, who uses MWS orders, as well as inventory APIs, must convert the existing system into the latest and more secure API. 

Critical Issues with MWS Architecture

MWS has been a powerful tool for Amazon vendors and sellers for the last two decades. Lately, the architecture has become more dependent on SOAP APIs and started using flat-file downloads. The outdated facet of it has started to become more evident as it cannot match modern-day standards. 

Amazon tried patching, but that couldn’t meet the evolving demands of sellers. Therefore, it took an innovative approach and introduced the latest SP API. Here are the significant issues with the MWS architecture. 

  • Seller Central Data: Similar to the latest API, Amazon customized dashboard helps sellers have seamless access to data. Amazon sellers or vendors with websites with MWS integration had no option other than making use of the UI to obtain comprehensive reports.
  • Rate Limits: MWS architecture could not document the rate limits properly, causing sellers to experience problems. 
  • Authentication: The current MWS developer token is unable to scale once a seller has multiple accounts across different online marketplaces. 

Migrating to the latest SP API helps sellers or vendors to a significant extent as they can use Amazon multiple accounts handler, which makes the job much easier.