Why Dubai Is the Best Place to Live in Today’s Date?

Dubai can be termed as the New Age New York City or London. Why? Because over past two decades it has re-structured itself into a dreamland whereevery common man imagines himself to be. In the early 80’s or 90’s do you remember there were people who would boast off their New York or London returned or settled relative and now those two economic hubs have been replaced by Dubai. The world’s who’s who now keeps a property in Dubai to maintain their high-standard living. For example, Shahrukh Khan has a villa in Palm Jumeirah region in Dubai and that speaks of his prosperity. Everyone who once goes there have no fancy to live anywhere else.

The expert reasons why people want to live here are narrated below:

Weather:The beautiful and energetic sunshine of Dubai is something that wakes you up from slumber and makes you relish the outdoor activities. Whether you want to lie in the pool or go for beach surfing, it is absolutely a wonder here. The night strolls at the beach are equally engaging.

Travel and Airlines: UAE has a beautiful lineage of scenic beauty and to hit all those places drop into Dubai and get into some of the best airlines of the world like Etihad, Emirates and Qatar and roam around the country.

Vibrant Cosmopolitan Crowd: Until and unless you are in Dubai, you would not get to know why people are going gaga over this place. The interesting mixes of people belonging to different race, culture, country, religion, language sects are what make Dubai a vibrant city. You would form friends with people from all over the world and that’s quite fascinating. So, when you see someone selling rakhi gifts and some customers doing their last leg of rakhi online shopping, don’t be surprised!

Coastal Lines: Dubai has gone up from just a city of deserts over the past few years. You would feel that coastal town vibe where you have fishing village and pearl diving posts and that gives a wide spectrum to the city. So finding the mesmerizing beach bars, beach clubs, and those private yachts is not at all difficult when you are here with your siblings and want to have some real fun.

Open Space to Breathe: Unlike most of the successful metro cities of the world, Dubai has a lot of open space to let you breathe in. In spite of millions of people hovering in Dubai, it still doesn’t make you feel overcrowded. And that is what can be called a luxury which most people would love to possess. You would always feel relaxed her

Shopper’s Paradise: When the world’s biggest shopping mall is here, would you resist not delving into shopping? This one built up actually shows that Dubai always wants to be at the top of the game. You would be floored by the presence of world’s best designer stuff out here along with creations form the local talents

Safety and Security: Dubai is one of the safest places of the world and thus if your brother for whom you are getting the online rakhi delivery done is of the view that he wants to settle there, he has solid reasons for it. Given the fact that you have great economic gates open for yourself, who would think of any other region? In fact in your trip, you may be interested in talking to some consultancy firms and plan your stay there.