How to Handle the Canadian Customs Clearance?

It is a daunting task to deal with Canadian customs as an exporter or importer. The process is extremely lengthy, and one must have in-depth knowledge to proceed with the things without hassles. Points like duty rates, import fees, the transport process, and others are dynamic in nature, and you need to keep yourself updated about the same. Though the process appears easy on the outside, a lot goes on inside. 

So, here are some tips for you to handle the process like a professional.

Have a business number

Without a business number, it will be almost impossible to deal with Canadian customs. The CBSA will use this number to process the documents of the customs department. In the absence of this number, you are sure to get delayed at the customs.

Understand the customs duty rates

If you can understand the customs duty rates easily, it will prove helpful and profitable to you in the long run. You simply need to know the rates to calculate your profitability even if you are selling goods directly to the end customer. With the help of tariff classification, you will know the duties you would be paying.

Get the permits for specialized goods

You do not need a license to import the goods into the Canadian borders, but certain goods will require some special permits. You should check beforehand if your goods are legally permissible in the nation. There can be products that will be labeled as “controlled products,” and they will have a separate restriction quota. These products include cannabis, ammunition, some metal products, agricultural goods, or endangered wildlife. 

Hire customs broker

If you want to ensure smooth dealing with the customs department, you should hire a customs broker. They are the experts in what they do, and you will already know the processes to follow. In case of any discrepancy, they will be backing you up with all the necessary help. Besides this, they will also help you with import fees calculation, document preparation, goods transport, preliminary clearance, and other related decisions.

Stay updated with import bans

There is a constant change in the import bans by the CBSA. If you want a hassle-free shipment procedure, you should stay updated with the changing norms. 

All these processes can be made easy if you have a professional by your side who can help you with complete customs clearance in Canada.